Blade Runner 2049 (Original Soundtrack) 150 Gram

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Zimmer,Hans / Wallfisch,Benjamin – Blade Runner 2049 (Original Soundtrack) [New Vinyl] 150 Gram, Download Insert

Title: Blade Runner 2049 (Original Soundtrack)

Format: Vinyl

Attributes: 150 Gram, Download Insert

UPC: 190758036410

Condition: New

Release Date: 2017

Record Label: Epic

Album Tracks


1. 2049

2. Sapper’s Tree

3. Flight to Lapd

4. Rain

5. Wallace

6. 6 Memory

7. Mesa


1. Orphanage

2. Furnace

3. Someone Lived This

4. Joi

5. Pilot

6. Hijack


1. That’s Why We Believe

2. Her Eyes Were Green

3. Sea Wall


1. All the Best Memories Are Hers

2. Tears in the Rain

3. Blade Runner

4. Almost Human – Lauren Daigle

Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Original soundtrack to the 2017 motion picture. Denis Villenueve’s masterful Blade Runner 2049 features a score composed by legendary maestro Hans Zimmer. The score was composed in tandem by Zimmer and his longtime collaborator Benjamin Wallfisch. The duo was brought in somewhat later in the production process, after the score’s initial composer, Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson, ceased involvement due to creative differences. Villeneuve explained his decision to replace Johannsson with Zimmer in an interview with Al Arabiya. The thing I will say is that making movies is a laboratory,” he explained. “The movie needed something different, and I needed to go back to something closer to [the original film’s composer] Vangelis. Johann and I decided that I will need to go in another direction – that’s what I will say.” The decision seemingly paid off, as Clint Worthington notes in his review of the film: “[Zimmer and Wallfisch] lean heavily on Vangelis’ original 1982 score for inspiration, but 2049 is refreshingly light on incidental music, mostly allowing the booming, immersive sound design to take center stage.” In additional to Zimmer and Wallfisch’s original compositions, the soundtrack features songs by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Lauren Daigle.

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