blink-182 – Buddha Reissue

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blink-182 – Buddha [New Vinyl LP] Reissue

Artist: blink-182

Title: Buddha

Format: Vinyl

Attributes: Reissue

Genre: Punk

UPC: 610337876515

Condition: New

Release Date: 1998

Record Label: Kung Fu Records

Album Tracks

1. Carousel

2. T.V

3. Strings

4. Fentoozler

5. Time

6. Romeo and Rebecca

7. 21 Days

8. Sometimes

9. Point of View

10. My Pet Sally

11. Reebok Commercial

12. Toast and Bananas

13. The Girl Next Door

14. Don’t

Buddha is the third and final demo by the American pop-punk band Blink-182. Recorded and released in January 1994 under the name Blink, it was the band’s first recording to be sold and distributed. Blink-182 was formed in Poway, California, a suburb outside of San Diego, in August 1992. Guitarist Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus were introduced to one another by Hoppus’ sister. The duo recruited drummer Scott Raynor and began to practice together in his bedroom, spending hours together writing music, attending punk shows and movies and playing practical jokes. The band had recorded two previous demos in Raynor’s bedroom – Flyswatter and Demo No.2 – using a four track recorder. Most of the tracks from the demo were re-recorded for their debut album Cheshire Cat.

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