Jessie Mae Hemphill – Feelin Good 180 Gram

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Jessie Mae Hemphill – Feelin Good [New Vinyl LP] 180 Gram

Artist: Jessie Mae Hemphill

Title: Feelin Good

Format: Vinyl

Attributes: 180 Gram

Genre: Blues

UPC: 824247022119

Condition: New

Release Date: 2012

Record Label: Sutro Park

Album Tracks

1. Feelin’ Good

2. Go Back to Your Used to Be

3. Streamline Train

4. Baby, Please Don’t Go

5. Tell Me You Love Me

6. Shake It, Baby

7. My Daddy’s Blues

8. Brokenhearted Blues

9. Rolling and Tumbling

10. Eagle Bird

11. Cowgirl Blues

12. Lord, Help the Poor and Needy

Jessie Mae Hemphill was at the peak of her recording and touring career when these tracks were recorded in 1987. Those who were lucky enough to catch one of her live performances saw something utterly unique in the world of blues. Jessie Mae-The She Wolf-was the Queen of Hill County blues and Feelin’ Good was the quintessential recording, finding her in the studio with legendary musicologist David Evans and Otha Turner band member RL Boyce. The result was one of the great Hill Country records, full of loose, infectious grooves and great, gritty song writing. Jessie Mae Hemphill came from a long line of blues greats, including her grandfather Sid Hemphill, who Alan Lomax recorded. Feelin’ Good never felt so good. Re-mastered and available for the first time on high-quality 180 gram vinyl.

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