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Josh Rouse

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Josh Rouse – Josh Rouse LP Bundle [New Vinyl]

Artist: Josh Rouse

Title: Josh Rouse LP Bundle

Format: Vinyl

UPC: 762184190327

Condition: New

Release Date: 2018

Record Label: Exclusive Bundle

Album Tracks


1. Salton Sea

2. Ordinary People, Ordinary Lives

3. Love in the Modern Age

4. Businessman


1. Women and the Wind

2. Tropic Moon

3. I’m Your Man

4. Hugs and Kisses

5. There Was a Time


1. Some Days I’m Golden All Night

2. Too Many Thing on My Mind

3. New Young

4. You Walked Through the Door

5. Time


1. Pheasant Feather (Feat. Jessie Baylin)

2. Coat for a Pillow

3. JR Worried Blues

4. Ex-Pat Blues

5. Crystal Falls

The Josh Rouse LP Bundle – You get two Vinyl LP’s from Josh Rouse. You get Love In the Modern Age and The Embers of Time.


Love In the Modern Age – Vinyl LP pressing. After spending the better part of a year touring behind his critically acclaimed eleventh album, The Embers Of Time, Josh Rouse was ready for a change. Trading in his acoustic guitar for a synthesizer, he began experimenting with a new sonic palette, one inspired by everything from 80’s sophistipop and late-career Leonard Cohen to British indie rock and New York new wave. The resulting record, Love In The Modern Age, is an infectious collection that still bears Rouse’s distinct fingerprints, even as it pushes his limits and forges a bold new chapter more than twenty years into his celebrated career. While many of Rouse’s previous albums were recorded with a full band performing live in one room, the tracks on Love In The Modern Age were built up a layer at a time, with Rouse playing most of the instruments himself between studios in Spain and Nashville. The songs are cinematic and enveloping, each creating it’s own entrancing world out of dense synthesizer textures and shimmering electric guitar lines. On the ominous Salton Sea,” Rouse’s smooth, warm vocals represent a distinctly human element awash in an ocean of manipulated tones, while the Tears For Fears-esque shuffle “Businessman” finds him capturing the loneliness of isolation in an era of constant connectivity, and the winsome title track charts the ups and downs of a relationship that can feel more digital than physical.


The Embers of Time is one of the finest collections in a celebrated career that’s earned Josh Rouse plaudits everywhere from the NY Times to NPR. Hailed for his “sharp wit” by Rolling Stone and as “a talent to outrank Ryan Adams or Conor Oberst” byUncut, Rouse has long since solidified his status as a songwriter of the highest caliber over his ten preceding studio releases, but as he navigated the unfamiliar terrain of his forties while writing The Embers of Time, he found himself facing difficult questions. Album opener “Some Days I’m Golden All Night” finds comfort in accepting that there are no easy answers. The album’s laidback, countrypolitan vibe – captured in part in Rouse’s studio in Valencia and in part in his former American home base of Nashville with producer Brad Jones – continues on “Too Many Things On My Mind,” which was inspired by economist E.F. Schumacher’s book Small Is Beautiful. Simplification is a recurring theme on the album, as the pedal steel and harmonica drenched “New Young” finds Rouse “making plans to move out to the country,” and “Crystal Falls” is propelled by uncomplicated rhythm from an unexpected source. “I didn’t want the record to come off as overly serious, so it was important to me that songs like this have a sense of humor to them.” That sense of humor sustains Rouse as he faces down some of life’s biggest questions on this record with grace and humility. “Am I a hunter or a fox?” he sings on “Pheasant Feather”. ‘The Embers Of Time’ suggests that Rouse has discovered he may never know the answer, and that’s just fine.

The Josh Rouse LP Bundle

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Josh Rouse

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