Leadfoot Tea – Grease & Oil

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Leadfoot Tea – Grease & Oil [New Vinyl]

Title: Grease & Oil

Format: Vinyl

UPC: 7350010772347

Condition: New

Release Date: 2019

Record Label: Heptown Records

Album Tracks

1. You Get My Motor Running

2. Shake It Down

3. She’s Mine

4. Grease and Oil

5. Shake Them Bones

6. Endless Sleep

7. Big Black, Fast Back

8. (Here I Go) on My Own Again

9. Love Me Tonight

10. (I’m Just a) Hog for You

11. Love Has Gone

12. Voodoo Blues

(One half Thee Gravemen) unleashes this monster of an album on an unsuspecting world… Recorded over a, god knows how long period of time… Leadfoot plays all the instruments and manages to get the vocals in there too… Gravelly vocals, thundering drums, some rather primitive guitar work (like early Cramps) and a bit of echo too… Rockin’ Trash… There are a few of them out there but Leadfoot is way ahead of the pack and sounds like he has a full on Trash orchestra in there !… His version of Endless Sleep is to die for! Brilliant stuff to say the very least !

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Record label

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