The Byrds – Another Dimension (7 inch Vinyl)

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The Byrds – Another Dimension [New 7 Vinyl]

Artist: The Byrds

Title: Another Dimension

Format: Vinyl

Genre: Rock

UPC: 090771016812

Condition: New

Release Date: 2005

Record Label: Sundazed Music Inc.

Album Tracks


1. Eight Miles High – Instrumental

2. Why – Instrumental

3. Ryder (I Know My Rider) – Instrumental

4. John Riley I – Instrumental

5. 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song) – Instrumental Without Sound Effects

6. Psychodrama City – Instrumental


1. John Riley II – No String Overdubs

2. Wild Mountain Thyme – No String Overdubs

3. Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) – Radio Broadcast

4. I See You – Longer Version Without Overdubs

5. What’s Happening?!?! – Long Version Partial Alternate Vocal

6. Captain Soul (30 Minute Break) – Longer Version Without Overdubs

Bob Irwin and those Byrd-maniax at Sundazed have done it again-here comes a limited-edition, gatefold double 10″ vinyl package sporting *completely unreleased* outtakes from The Byrds’ legendary Fifth Dimension LP! Alternate instrumental takes, extended experimental workouts and early, “unsweetened” versions of songs this is manna for Byrds fans! Includes 8 Miles High; Why; Ryder (I Know My Rider); John Riley I & II; I See You; Wild Mountain Thyme, and more.

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