The Dears – Times Infinity 1

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The Dears – Times Infinity 1 [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: The Dears

Title: Times Infinity 1

Format: Vinyl

Genre: Rock

UPC: 842803012114

Condition: New

Release Date: 2015

Record Label: Dangerbird

Album Tracks

1. We Lost Everything

2. I Used to Pray for the Heavens to Fall

3. To Hold and Have

4. You Can’t Get Born Again

5. Times Infinity 1

6. Here’s to the Death of All the Romance

7. Someday All This Will Be Yours

8. Face of Horrors

9. Hell Hath Frozen in Your Eyes

10. Onward and Downward

Vinyl LP Pressing includes digital download. Times Infinity Volume One is propelled by passion and driven by The Dears’ dedication to creating music out of real emotions. The end result is an album clocking in at 38 minutes and a sweeping collection of orchestral pop / rock that is at once enlightening, angst-ridden and mesmerizing – a sound that has connected the group with a legion of fans and critics such as Rolling Stone, New York Times and NPR. With songs such as To Hold And Have” and “Here’s To The Death Of All The Romance” there is no other way to describe Times Infinity Volume One than a new record that fuses narratives and pop in a way that will be praised for it’s ambitious grandiosity.

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