The xx, X – XX Bonus Track

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The xx, X – XX [New Vinyl LP] Bonus Track

Artist: The xx, X

Title: XX

Format: Vinyl

Attributes: Bonus Track

Genre: Indie Rock/Pop, English

UPC: 634904045012

Condition: New

Release Date: 2009

Record Label: XL Recordings

Album Tracks

1. Intro

2. VCR

3. Crystalised

4. Islands

5. Heart Skipped a Beat

6. Fantasy

7. Shelter

8. Basic Space

9. Infinity

10. Night Time

11. Stars

2009 vinyl LP pressing. This British group released this debut album when they were just in their early twenties-a considerable feat, given just how fully-formed and polished this album is. Their influences include everything from post-punk to dream pop to indie to dubstep to R&B pop, but that doesn’t mean any of their songs are scattered: in fact, they’re so sleek they’re almost sculptural. Intro” is a long, monochromatic symphony, and it sets the cool, evocative feel The xx will come to be known for. “VCR” has clangy guitars reminiscent of the Young Marble Giants, while “Infinity” is a slip into the post-punk. There’s a subtle sensuality here, there’s romantic intrigue. It’s a one-of-a-kind, memorable debut that proves The xx as one of the most important Brit indie groups to surface in recent years, and it’ll leave you wanting more. Ais/Young Turks/XL.

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